10 creative and practical ideas for bathroom organization

There are many ways to make the most of a small space in the bathroom to create a neat, organized and functional corner where you can also relax. We suggest you 10 creative and practical ideas for bathroom organization that you can use.
Jars for sorting
Home glass jars are an interesting solution for storing and organizing small items like blush brush. You can attach them to a board near the mirror in order to be close at hand when you are doing your makeup.

Organizer for hair gadgets
Keep your hair gadgets for styling your hair neatly separated and protected from scratching in organizers resistant of the heat. This is a great way to do if you are planing new bathroom organization.

Hanging buckets
This is a cheap and convenient storage solution that does not take up much space. Except from the bathroom, it will also look interesting at the children’s room for storing toys.

Custom wardrobe
If you love the vintage look you can use an old window or a part of the door and a pair of wooden planks to create a charming cabinet as desired and with your measurement’s.

Jars for cakes as decorative containers for storage
The jars for cookies can be used in the bathroom and as nice containers for cotton, sticks, soaps …

Shelves above the door
The space above the door usually remains unused, so make some shelves to get more space for storage in a small bathroom.

Recycled shelves
It is very simple and with a small investment you can make a shelf of old pallets and wooden crates.

Buckets instead of shelves
Baskets are stylish replacement for the shelves especially if you want to remove their content from sight. These can be convenient for toilet paper or towels.

Open shelves above the toilet sit
If the kettle is set low, use the empty space above it and set some shelves. Find the old brackets for newspapers or folders that you can set below the shelf.

Hidden storage
The space under the bathtub is a great place for hidden disposal of cleaning products.

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